The SukaLyn 3D !!

Et fantastisk artig fly Ś hovre og fly akro med 





Det ble solgt byggesett av denne tidligere.... men du bygger lett en selv :-)

1.      The Wing

2.      2 Fuselage halves

3.      3 Elevons

4.      1 Rudder

5.      Servo Trays and Motor Mount

6.      Carbon fiber Leading Edge and Trailing Edge

7.      Pushrods and Control Horns

8.      Instruction Manual



Lets start with the wing first. Take out the longer carbon rod, find the center, and line it up with the center line on the leading edge.



Then fasten the carbon rod to the leading edge with tape. It can also be glued with safe CA or foam glue.







Once completed take the smaller carbon rod and center it to the trailing edge.



Fasten the trailing edge rod with tape.


















Last thing is to glue on the motor mount. Lines are on the fuselage top where it goes.



Next letís add the Fuselage top. Safe CA works great or any foam glue will do.










Just line it up with the top center line. Before you glue you will need to cut out a space for the motor mount.





Add the Elevon servo tray to the bottom next. Location is marked on the wing bottom. Check servo fit before gluing. You may want to modify the tray for your servos.








The fuselage bottom goes on just like the top.










The Rudder servo tray goes on next.




All thatís left is to hinge the Elevons and Rudder and hook up you radio gear.







Battery mounts on Fuselage side by motor.
















One more picture of Motor.